Tuesday, March 3, 2009

OnTime desktop light client.

Download source files - here.
Download binary files - here.

My previous customer uses OnTime as bts. It is very slowly tool. I hated it! I tired to wait any respond from this app. I have created a little and more fast tool for self using. This tool ins't complete (I have stopped to work with this customer and I can't have an access to bd for continue implementation).
Next issues need a fix:
  • SQL exception isn't handled infrequent :)
  • Icons aren't useful. Useful tooltips correct this defect ;)
  • Attachment download works in some thread that GUI (It is shameful, but I haven't had time, really)
  • App works readonly.
  • Sort and Search hasn't implemented.
  • We can work with self issues only.
  • It is really more fast tool than official.
  • Persist state doesn't store in bd. It saves in current PC only.
Axosoft releases new version (9.0). It is more fast than previous (8.0). But it is still no enough.
If you want to implement some features or to fix bugs you need to know that for correct run sources you need to set connection string in the next files:
  1. app.config
  2. Settings.Designer.cs
  3. OTData.dbml
  4. and Settings.settings in two points.
I have changed my connect string to "your_connecting_string" for more handy replace ;).

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