Friday, January 15, 2010

Web access to Team Foundation Server.

I have been starting to work with Team Foundation Server as source control and bag tracking system for 2 month. In this time we migrated from one TFS to another. So sometime we needed access to both these servers (one as bug track, another as source control). I said to my manager about web access tool for TFS he heard it already that this tool is very cool but expensive.
It isn't truth. This tool is useful but full freeware! Because Microsoft Acquired TeamPlain 3 year ago :). When I tried to find it - I was a bit disappointed I couldn't found this tool - all links were broken. Little find out shows that TeamPlain is renamed to Team System Web Access. I founded article that describes How to: Install Team System Web Access (this page also contains broken link to installation of Team System Web Access :) ) and after all I found download page.
That isn't fresh news, but it is very upset that this useful tool is so hard for found.

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