Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trouble with resources in WP7

I started a few projects on WP7. It was done just for fun and for improving my skills (Fun was profitable - I won in Ukrainian WP7 competition). So I had completed my projects and tried to localize it.
I met some issues:
  1. If you have experience in developing for web silverlight - first isn't new for you. When I edit/add/remove a item in resources's file I need to open resources designer's file and change access modifiers of parameterless constructor from "internal" to "public".
    It is know issue and know fix - proof.
  2. Second was new for me. It is strange issue because it appeared only in one of my projects. I created resources file and added key in Resources section of app.xaml (for binding to resources in my xaml files). My project started to crash after this.
    I had spent some time and found source of the issue. I noticed that Resource class (auto generated) is internal. I checked "Custom tool" field in properties of resource file. It was filled "ResXFileCodeGenerator" value. In my other projects this field contained "PublicResXFileCodeGenerator" value. I didn't found detailed description of "ResXFileCodeGenerator" but looks like that it is obsolete tool. I no idea how to it was set in my project.
One more note: it is for WP7 without "Mango" update. I hope I will not meet such issues after this update.